Korean Instant Cup Noodle

The Best Korean Instant Cup Noodles for Busy Families on the Go


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Sunshine and Noodles: Easy Meals for Summer Fun

Graduations and vacations are upon us, heralding the long-awaited arrival of summer. For parents with young children, this season can be both a joy and a challenge, as they juggle meal planning and activities to keep their little ones entertained. Instead of staying cooped up indoors, consider packing light and taking a hike in your neighborhood to immerse your kids in nature. However, be prepared for the inevitable chorus of "I'm hungry" after just a few steps.

Korean Instant Cup Noodles: Korea vs. U.S. – What's the Difference?

The differences between Korean and American instant noodles extend beyond size to the containers themselves. In Korea, cup noodles are typically not microwavable, but Korean bowl noodles exported to the U.S. are made of microwave-safe polypropylene (PP). Most Korean instant noodles come with two packets: one containing dried vegetables and another with powdered seasoning. There's some debate over which packet to add first, but it doesn't affect the flavor.

Key Tips for Preparing Korean Instant Cup Noodles:

Water Temperature: Use boiling water at 100°C (212°F) to ensure the noodles cook properly. Undercooked noodles can be disappointing. Close the Lid: To cook the noodles quickly and evenly, prevent steam from escaping by placing a plate over the lid or using chopsticks to hold it shut. Be Patient: Wait three minutes before checking the noodles. Frequent peeking will only delay the cooking process


Top 5 Korean Instant Noodles

With a myriad of options, narrowing down the best Korean instant noodles is a challenge. However, here are five must-try varieties:

1. Shin Ramyun
Nongshim’s Shin Ramyun is iconic, selling over 60,000 units worldwide. The average South Korean consumes about 76 packets of ramen annually, with 17 of those being Shin Ramyun. "Shin" translates to "spicy," so if you haven’t tried it, be sure to have some water on hand.

2. Jin Ramen Mild
For those who prefer milder flavors, Jin Ramen Mild is an excellent choice. Known as "the most delicious ramen when mixed with rice," it’s perfect for first-time Korean ramen eaters.

3. Jjapagetti
Not all ramen is soup-based. Jjapagetti, a type of jjajangmyeon, offers a savory black bean sauce and is delicious mixed with rice. Enhance it with a side of kimchi for an authentic experience.

4. Buldakbokmyeon

Recently recalled in Denmark due to its intense spiciness, the nuclear fried chicken noodle is legendary. For a milder alternative, try the carbonara fried chicken noodle, which balances heat with creamy cheese powder. Its addictive spiciness will keep you coming back.

5. Yopokki instant tteokbokki cup
Tteokbokki, a popular Korean street food, is now available in convenient cups. Simply add rice cakes, sauce, and water, then microwave for 2-3 minutes. It’s an easy way to enjoy the chewy, spicy delight of tteokbokki.

Where to Find the Best Korean Instant Noodles

1. Walmart: A large retailer with a diverse selection of Korean products in the international food section. Prices are reasonable, making it easy to explore new flavors.

Walmart korean instant cup noodle

2. Korean Mart: Specializing in Korean goods, like H Mart often hosts tasting events and offers promotional prices. The food court makes you feel like you’re in Korea.

Korean H Mart

3. Rom America
With 30 years of experience, RomAmerica offers a wide range of Korean favorites through their online store. Use the coupon code for 20% off your first purchase.

Rome America

Embrace the culinary adventure this summer with these delightful Korean instant noodles, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're planning a family camping trip, a poolside gathering, or simply a quick meal at home, Korean instant noodles offer a versatile and flavorful solution. Experiment with different varieties to find your family's favorites and don't forget to pair them with classic Korean side dishes like kimchi or pickled radish for an authentic experience. Enjoy the convenience, savor the taste, and make the most of your summer with these easy-to-prepare meals. Happy eating!