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💐 Flower Tea Stick?

Flower Tea Stick is a brand-new idea and concept of tea.

It is made in the shape of flower with its stem.

Flower Tea Stick is self-designed and created by KKOKDAM.

KKOKDAM has a design patent right in regonition of its originality and creativity.

It is a special tea that you can drink easily like a tea bag.

You can drink high-quality tea while looking at the beautiful flowers blooming from the stem.

All of KKOKDAM Flower Tea products are made in Korea.

KKOKDAM provides 100% hand-made products with full of sincerity.

KKOKDAM does not add any food additives and provides a natural flavor.

Flower Tea Stick (5ea) Gift Set 🎁

Flower Tea Stick Gift Set is one of KKOKDAM's Signaure & Best Seller Products.

This Gift Set consists of 5ea Flower Tea Sticks packaged with glass test tube.

Luxurious and Fancy Gift Box is perfect for gifts.

Also There are people who use this as home decoration or interior props :)

We hope you can feel the joy of giving and receiving at the same time.



Mugwort x 2

Korean Mint x 1

Chrysanthemum x 1

Siberian Chrysanthemum x 1


How to Drink Flower Tea Stick?

🌿 Pour hot water into the tea cup to heat and clean the cup

🌿 Discard the water and put the flower tea stick in the cup  

🌿 Pour hot water over 95 degrees again (300ml)

🌿 While the tea is brewing, block the top of the cup so that it is blocked from cold air

🌿 Please wait for 2~3 minutes

🌿 Enjoy the rich taste and fragrant of flower tea with yout eyes, nose and mouth

🌿 Flower tea has enough taste and fragrance


💡 FYI, Flower tea has enough taste and fragrance, even if you brew it with 300ml hot water 3 times in a row

💡 One Flower tea stick can be brewed about 1 liter and it's enough for 3~4 people to enjoy the tea time

*Package size

Width x Length x Depth (Inch)

7.1 x 6.7 x 0.8


#Decaf #Caffeine Free #Halal #Kosher # Artificial flavoring free #Vegan #Vegitarian #FDA #ISO22000 #No food additives #Sugar free

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